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pet tips

This section is here to provide pet lovers some basic pet tips and knowledge to ensure that they know how to handle their pet.

General Pet Tips
  • Decide on who is responsible for the feeding, cleaning, grooming, training and playing with the pet. Also decide on where are the placed that are off limits to your pet.
  • Always ensure that you have all the neccesary stuff needed for your pet at home. For example, food, water, bowls and all the accessories.
  • Keep household chemicals such as detergents and insectisides out of reach from your pet as even the slightest consumption might mean fatal for the pet.
  • Introducing new pets to existing pets is a very tricky and important task. Ensure that there is sufficient space for both of them and allow them time to get accustomed with each other.
  • Most importantly, spend as much time with your pet as possible as having a pet is a lifetime commitment and do not abuse your pet.