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Cats are born naturally as a very gentle and proud creature. To be able to gain loyalty from a cat is not an easy task that anybody can succeed in. Here are some cat tips on cats.
  • Always make sure that your cat's litter box is clean and neat. This is to prevent the cat from finding another spot as they are particularly fussy about the environment of their litter box.
  • Rewarding a cat for good behaviour is alot more useful then reprimanding it for its bad behaviour. It is important to set up the environment in a way that it would use its own scratching pole instead of your furniture.
  • A happy cat will hold her tail up, while a fearful cat would hide its tail in between its leg. Broad swishing indicates annoyance, while twitches are a sign of excitement and curiosity. Agitated cats would move their tail back and forth from the base showing that they are not to be tempered with. 
  • When a cat is relaxed, its ears are held erect and forward showing a friendly greeting. But when the ears are pulled back, it means aggression as it keeps them out of the way if a fight breaks out.
  • Most importantly, if your cat is extremely aggressive and is threatening you or other animals, it is recommended to seek help from a professional animal behavior specialist. Meanwhile ensure that your cat is kept in a confined and safe place where contact is minimal.



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