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Birds mainly feed on sunflower seeds and other kind of seeds and fruits. Here are some of the bird food products that most birds usually consume :

sunflower seed

Sunflower Seeds

Give garden birds maximum energy with minimum effort by choosing sunflower hearts - the tasty seed inside husk of the black sunflower seed. We have recorded a staggering number of birds feasting on sunflower hearts. Even 'non seed-eating' birds such as Thrushes, Robins and Blackbirds who generally have difficulty in opening the outer husks, have been seen merrily feeding away.

black sunflower seed

Black Sunflower Seeds

One of the very popular foods that birds feed on. A very energy-rich food that birds will hardly ever resist.



The most popular food that birds love, it ensures that the birds are able to get the sufficient nutrients needed for them.



Peanuts are a traditional food and popular with a wide variety of species. They are high in essential protein and can vary greatly in type, size, variety, oil content and quality.



Mealworms are one of the popular types of food birds eat as it is high in protein and minerals.


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