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bird tips

Although birds are small animals, owners of birds are also obligated to understand and know the needs and behaviour of the bird. Here are some bird tips that might be useful to bird owners.
  • Clean water is essential to all birds. They need the water to drink and at the same time bathe to keep themselves clean. By not having clean water for them might result in serious consequences
  • To get a bird to bathe, use a plastic paint tray as it is graduated and it allows the bird to venture into it at its own pace and its desired depth.
  • Always remember to check that all the windows are closed and the cages are securely closed when going out. This is to prevent the bird from flying away or flying around the house.
  • Always make sure that the spray bottles used for cleaning up the cage are not mixed up with insectisides or other type of chemicals. It may cause the birds to be poisoned and in the worst case loose its life.
  • When toweling a bird to trim its nails, make sure that you do not squeeze too tight on the sides where the air sacs are. Also make sure that the towel is not covering the bird's mouth and nostrils.


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