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Companies Providing Pet Supplements For Both CANINES And FELINES

As health of the pet is the main concern on every pet lovers mine, it is important to have the proper knowledge and supplements to ensure that the pet is in the pink of health. Below are links to companies providing pet supplements :


  • Accent on Pet Health Care- offers vitamins and nutritional supplements for cats and dogs, including joint support, immune system boosters, and anti-oxidants.
  • Best Pet Company- offers a product line of supplements for pets that are safe and effective.
  • Care Pet Natural Products- natural remedies for pets with arthritis, stiff joints, allergies, gas, doggie breath, dry itchy skin, fleas and other health needs.
  • Designing Health, Inc.- made to target the gap between what animals ate in the wild and their food today.
  • Doctor's Mutual Service Company- offering holistic veterinary supplements including super glandular extracts, colostrex colostrum, beta-thym, and more.  
  • Dynamite Marketing- offers health oriented organic mineral and vitamin supplements for humans, dogs, cats, and horses.
  • Flint River Ranch- dog and cat health food. No chemical preservatives, no by-products, delivered to your door.
  • Green Foods- all-natural grass supplement with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes for improved health of your dog or cat.
  • Herbs for Animals- offers herbal remedies for animals and pets, including natural medicine therapy for dogs and cats.  
  • Nature's Pet- offers natural holistic products including dog and cat foods, supplements, music for pets, flea and tick remedies, and homeopathics.
  • Nickers International, Ltd.- nutritional supplements and other products for horses, pets and people; featuring a special focus on biotin, an essential B vitamin known to promote health.
  • NutriScience- food supplements to promote health and joint mobility in small animals and equines.
  • NuVet Online- nutritional supplements for cats and dogs.
  • offers Alpha Genesis anti-ageing supplements for people and their pets.
  • Small Animals Inc- provides food for small animals.